Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cultivation Method Guava

Cultivation Method Guava / Guava Complete Stone (Psidium guajava l.) - Aquaculture Farmers. Guava is one of the species of tree fruit crops (UK = Lambo guava). This plant comes from Brazil Central America, spread to Thailand and then to other Asian countries such as Indonesia. Until now has been cultivated and spread widely in the areas of Java. Guava is often called guava, guava Siki, or guava stone. Guava is then performed crosses through cuttings or grafting with the other types, so finally getting the results you bigger with Wisata Pulau Pari less state that seeds do not even have seeds that are named guava Bangkok due to the occurrence of Bangkok.


Of a number of types of guava, guava varieties there are some people who loved and cultivated by selecting the economic value that is relatively higher among:

Guava breadfruit (seedless guava that grows partenokarpi and when grown close to the guava seed will tend to back).
Guava bangkok (large fruit, thick flesh and few seeds, it feels a bit bland). After mixing with cashew milk held unchanged acids taste sweet.

As fresh fruit and processed foods that have nutritional and vitamin A and vitamin C on high, with a sugar content of 8%. Guava has a distinctive flavor and aroma that is caused by the compound eugenol.
As a barrier of trees in the yard and as an Taruhan Bola Online ornamental plant.
The leaves and roots can also be used as a traditional 'medicine.
The timber can be made of various kitchen tools because it has a powerful and hard wood.